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Wow this thing was deleted a long time ago good job reuploadin. My part is old as shit and the layers are messed up so the winner is this other dude I've never heard of.

TheStarSyndicate responds:

haha it actually never got uploaded in the first place. trying to catch up after 4 long yearz of never opening flash ~

Best thing you guys ever made. Adorable character design, hilarious voice acting, cartoony as hell animation and great designing on everything else. Getting Ed Atlin to do voice work should be a regular thing for everyone; my god that man's voice is funny.

I laughed for like a minute straight.


kick back and peep game homie

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Cute! The presentation is very nice. Some of the effects used are good. Character and enemy designs and animation need a little bit of work but still cute.

Kooh responds:

thank you, animation is an aspect that i'll try to take care of better next time

Great game. One of my favorites. A testament to its greatness: I left it unfinished for 3 YEARS and today I came back to finish it. I'll definitely remember this game because it's an experience playing it- something I value a lot.

This is the first time I've found a flash game that I like this much. I loved everything! The character designs are cute as hell, the gameplay is fun, the music is good and so is the overall design. I hope a sequel gets produced because there's many things that could be expanded and improved on to make a perfect game.

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It's perfect if you want your audience to be in awe at something. Like ancient architecture or something beautiful like that. Very good job.

JimboEarl responds:

yeah i can see what you mean :) thanks :)

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I love the detail. You can even see the correct texture of the dust jackets.

Osuka responds:

Thanks :D. I didnt had a real dust jacket in my hand so I needed to see a lot of pictures on the internet to see the material. Thanks for the comment

cool as fuck

reminds me of majora's mask. the shading in this is great too.

Impkid responds:

Yeah, that was an inspiration i think, i love the art style of that game, thx 4 the comment


what a perfectly smooth and crisp vector. i'd love to see you do some more EWJ characters.

AmericanRobot responds:

Thanks! I'm a big fan of Mister TenNepel's work, so I'm sure this won;t be the last piece of fan art I do.

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